Extraordinary Music & Entertainment 

KatieCat - Singer, Guitarist  John Cain - Pianist, Singer, Guitarist 

The musical duo of KatieCat & Cain delights audiences with their vast repertoire

of Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, Americana, Retro-Pop and International Favorites

KatieCat & Cain have done it all, from playing on big stages with
string orchestras to busking in the streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

They perform with their jazz trio at jazz festivals, in jazz clubs, night clubs and theaters.

As a guitar duo they performed in road houses, folk clubs, coffee houses and lounges.

  After living in south America where they owned, operated and performed at their own venue

"The Tangier Lounge," KatieCat & Cain relocated to New Orleans, LA in the USA.

They perform at various venues throughout "The Big Easy"
and continue to tour throughout the USA