From the recording All I Ever Need Is You


Sometimes when I'm down and all aloneJust like a child without a homeThe love you give me keeps me hangin' onAwww honey all I ever need is youYou're my first love, you're my lastYou're my future, you're my pastAnd loving you is all I askAwww honey all I ever need is youWinters come and they goAnd we watch the melting snowBut sure as summer follows springAll the things you do give meA reason to built my world around youSome men follow rainbows I am toldSome men search for silver, some for goldBut I have found my treasureIn your soul, honeyAll I ever need is youWithout our love, I'd never find the wayThrough ups and downs of every single dayI won't sleep at night until you say, my honeyAll I ever need is you