KatieCat & Cain



San Diego

Balboa Theater, San Diego, Ca Nov. 2015


Dear John and Katie,

Thank you so much for joining our "Bach To The Future" concerts! You were the perfect pair to help the kids learn and sing the songs. Thank you for your enthusiasm, talent and wonderful energy!


Dana Zimbric

Jazz For Jazz Lovers Concert-Denver, Co.

Wow! I so enjoyed how you and Katie resonated with me and all the people I spoke to who were in attendance. I've done jazz radio shows all over the country, Newport, New York, Michigan, San Francisco, Oregon, and met a ton of musicians, but you 'guys' know how to pull the strings to keep the music alive in our hearts. I like the way you both played off of each other, the comments during the songs, the meandering to different tunes while playing, and obviously the biggest weakness that you, John, in particular, will have to work on: Your sense of humor. (Kidding). Brilliant and refreshing in Denver.   You showed that you can have fun while you play and still pluck our souls with your talents and musical knowledge..

Silo's Jazz Club

Terrific show, as always! Can't wait to have you back again.

Keith Stansberry, Manager, Silo's Jazz Club, Napa, CA

Philharmonic Orchestra, San Diego, CA

It was a blast having you perform with the Classics Philharmonic Orchestra!

Dana Mambourg Zimbric, Music Director-Conductor, Classics Philharmonic Orchestra, San Diego, Ca


Cuenca Dispatch

Your performance last night glowed with star dust. Between your keyboard magic, John, and the treat of your pitch-perfect vocal wonders, Katie—I was levitating; truly!

Thank you both—so, so much— for bringing the wondrous musical world you’ve created to Cuenca. For me, your music and our friendship has been transformative.

Advocates for Classical Music

Your performance at our fundraiser was the highlight of the evening, thanks!

Aveline Von Erinburgher, Advocates for Classical Music, San Diego, CA

Blame It On The Bossa Nova Show


San Diego, CA

John Cain, jazz pianist/band leader/arranger, wowed Anthology Friday night with his line-up of talented "Sinatra Tribute" singers, the gorgeous and exciting Katie Cat and the dynamic Dave Stanger. This was a first class New York-style Cabaret show also featuring the talents of the beautiful Adrian Nims on jazz sax and flute, along with the excellent (hand- picked by Cain) back-up musicians on bass, drums and guitar. Hope they will be back soon! It's rare to get this caliber of live music entertainment in San Diego.


La Jolla Country Club

You made the celebration for my "amado mio" an evening to remember-Perfect choice of songs, superb performance, and the perfect volume to be both entertaining and allowing for conversation. Katie is so talented and beautiful that she fills the room with her charm and gifted interpretation. Thank you, thank you. You made our celebration remarkable!

The Talent Smith Agency

Thanks for being part of this (performance series at San Diego International Airport).  You were both terrific!  The chemistry on the stage really works nice.

Loren Smith, The Talent Smith Agency, San Diego, CA

Enthusiastic Fan

Katie and John, your show ROCKED!!  I absolutely loved it!

Jenny Lockwood, enthusiastic fan, San Jose, Ca

Point Loma Dinner Party

Thank you for a most wonderful evening performing at our house party. We would not love anyone else but you two!

Cuenca Dispatch

WowOhWowOhWow! Did you guys light up Cuenca this evening! Your performance was top-notch and extraordinary—as was the food and the welcoming atmosphere throughout your home. As I write, I’m in a New York state of mind—and a Yoshi Oakland state of mind. What a gift you are to all who hear you. And what a wonderful evening you orchestrated!

La Jolla Cotillion

Hi John and Katie,

As I mentioned last night, we had so many great comments on you and your band's music!  I have never had so many people approach me to compliment the music as I did last night.  People are often quick to complain but it is rare that they will take the time to say they really like something.  I believe that reflects the superior quality of your performance.  You "played to the crowd" so well.  The variety of music was perfect, the volume of the music was perfect, the timing of the breaks worked well and the vocals were beautiful.  You made the evening a great success! 

Sharon Beldon, Chairperson, La Jolla Cotillion, La Jolla, CA

Hi Katie and John,

On behalf of Indivisible Ecuador and Democrats Abroad Ecuador, thank you for your time and talent in helping to make our Labor Day event such a success.  It’s especially appreciated because we know your time is even more valuable than usual, being in the midst of an international move.

Thanks again - your performance was perfect!


New Orleans