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Hey Guys, Diane and I just played a gig up north of you, in Laguna Hills. It's a lovely facility called Villa Valencia. When we wrapped up, we met a charming lady who told us about you two and said you would be coming up to the Villa from time to time and that we should meet. She introduced herself as "Your Crazy Aunt Shirley". In any case, we live ten minutes away and would love to catch you live. We noticed in your bio, your connection to the jazz fraternity in San Diego. We have some friends down that way. One is a super horn player and educator named Paul Seaforth. Don't want to get too far afield, but we would like to meet you, schedule permitting. Let us know when your next gig at the Villa will be. We would love to stop by. And who would want to disappoint Shirley. You can get an idea of what we do on youtube: https://youtu.be/dSybb65FuAc Mick & Diane Love to hear from you.
Happy to see your universe is expanding and that you are doing well John.
My husband and I stumbled upon you two performing in a hotel that we had dined at in San Diego on one of our past anniversaries. We stayed in the hotel's bar/lounge for the rest of the evening, enjoying the GREAT music and singing. We absolutely love you two! What a great duo- the TWO of you are! We have talked about you two to friends many of times wanting to go back to listen to you again. Where are you performing, now? We'd love to get a group together and go see you two!!! Also, John Cain- my husband and I saw you also playing at Anthology in San Diego with the "Sinatra guy" this past Valentines. You are very talented, indeed! We were surprised to see you then, coming for the Sinatra Tribute, and yet VERY happy to see you perform once again. Another wonderful night. We want to follow you where you perform- so please keep us informed where both of you perform!!!! We want to share you with friends and would like dates for the summer!!!!
Hi KatieCat & Cain. Heard you and met you @ Khans cave for a celebration with friends ( Irene's B-day ) wow what a treat. You both made our evening fun, special, entertaining and memorable. We also enjoyed your other musician friends ! look forward to hearing you again........Fantastico !
I was lucky enough to see you two at the Ryford Dance with Janice Friday night. You're wonderful! I hope to see you again.
Katie, Just wanted to drop you line to say hello. Your voice is absolutely beautiful!
I want to congratulate both of you for the efforts you have made to improve your art craft. You have come a long way since you got together and have the potential to go much further. May you have a happy and rewarding journey. With best wishes. Elie.
Love you guys and your website!! Keep it up!