KatieCat & Cain



 Extraordinary Music & Entertainment 

KatieCat - Singer, Guitarist  John Cain - Pianist, Singer, Guitarist 

The musical duo of KatieCat & Cain delights audiences

with their vast repertoire of Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova,

Americana, Retro-Pop and International Favorites

For the past few years KatieCat & Cain lived in Cuenca, Ecuador

where they owned, operated and performed at their own venue

"The Tangier Lounge " 

They also performed regularly as Artists In Residence

with the Jazz Society of Ecuador and at other venues throughout the city.

They toured the USA several times a year for special performances.

In the Fall of 2018 KatieCat & Cain relocated to New Orleans, LA.

They perform at various venues throughout "The Big Easy"

and continue to tour throughout the USA

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